Minou the cat miraculously escapes the crash and finds a new family.


Minu, six years old, is hit by a car and he is fortunately saved.

He was injured, but survived with the help of people.

The cat protection association had heard of Minu and had been looking for him for about two weeks. About 16 days after posting about him and posting ads with his photos, he was found.

He is transferred very quickly under the supervision of a doctor, where he receives very serious and long treatment. Minu’s teeth: the jaw was broken, he couldn’t eat. He was very weak and skinny. His eye was also damaged և the doctors had to remove it.

Doctors say it is amazing that he continued to live after those horrific fractures.

Animal rights activist Nick says he is a very sweet and happy cat, he will bring joy to his adoptive family. He is very lively, he is constantly moving.

“We are very fond of cats. I was convinced that I would choose a cat who had gone through hardships to show him a good life.»

It was written on the Internet so that everyone could see this hero cat, who barely survived the car accident and found his new owners.

Minu is doing well with her new family. He sleeps all day playing in the yard.

Sarah informs that she is already well, she likes to sit in the sun; he has his own corner in our house.

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