PHOTO. Cono’s worries led him to adopt the Wolf cub from the shelter


It is a rare case when a wolf becomes a pet. Here is a story about a wolf named Kira. She was left by her mom when three days passed from her birth in the shelter.

She was not able to live in the wild because she was abandoned. A woman from Russia named Alida rescued the little wolf and made her domestic. The wolf was adopted when she was 28 days old.

The wolf was born in the nursery and she was fed milk by hand.She was always in the company of people and kids. She is so gentle and does not hurt anybody. She went to many places.

A russian woman named Alida took the wolf and made her sociable and able to live in civilized enviroment.

The wolves in general face difficulties when they meet new things. The woman does everything so that the dog is not frightened from anything.

Kira is one year old now. She is so friendly with the son of the woman. The son is 7 years old.

Passerbies seeing the wolf want to know whether the wolf is not wild and they even take pictures with the smart domestic wolf.

Thanks to this woman’s hard work and training the wolf became domesticated.

He even feels when somebody is frightened of her she does not come near. The wolf is very calm even when dogs approach her.

Kira is loved and taken care of by a friendly family and if there was not this woman the wolf might not be alive.

She does her best to make the wolf’s life interesting and happy. The wolf is always in the centre of attention both in public places and at home.

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