Adorable images: turtle children and their 150-year-old mother


These African turtles are known to be one of the toughest creatures. It lives more than a century, usually 50 to 150 years.

There is information that this turtle lived much longer than the average lifespan of their lives.

This 150-year-old turtle with its 4-day-old babies is an image of indescribable beauty. This wildlife photographer took incredible photos.

115 days later, 8 turtles were born in Hungary, weighing 0.05 pounds and measuring 0.18.

They were much smaller than their mother. They were born in a zoo and were the only ones of their kind.

The little turtles sat on their mother’s back so they could enjoy the sun’s rays. The photographer did not miss the moment and captured those few seconds.

It is one of the largest turtles in Africa, and it is its children. They look adorable. See how big their mother is and how small her children are! It’s a very nice view!

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