Police officer responds to emergency call and finds mother of four unable to feed her child


A mother of four found herself alone after her husband left for a business trip. Soon after, a police officer responded to the woman’s emergency call late at night and found her trying to feed her newborn.Amanda was a housewife and mother of four. Her husband James had to work hard to support his growing family and often traveled the country on business.

One day, Amanda’s husband was on a business trip. She was woken up by a baby who wanted milk. She hugged him and tried to feed him, but found that his breast milk was not enough to feed him.

Amanda didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t leave her children at home to buy formula. She called her husband, hoping to find someone who could buy them milk. Pete’s screams grew louder and louder, and Amanda was afraid to wake up the other children. If they woke up, chaos would erupt and Amanda was sure she would go crazy. When she realized that her husband couldn’t help her, she decided to do something herself.

She tried to call her mother and neighbors, but no one answered. It was then that the desperate mother realized that there was a number she could call that would certainly be answered: 911.

After several calls, a police officer responded. «911, what is your emergency?».

The nice policeman, who claimed to be Joshua, took his patrol car and drove to the pharmacy in the middle of the night to buy formula for Amanda’s baby. When he arrived, Amanda was relieved that her baby could finally drink milk and sleep. Joshua took care of the other children while she fed the hungry baby.

Little did James know that Joshua really needed the money. He had to pay for the house before the end of the month, otherwise he had to find another place to live. James, Amanda and Joshua had become good friends and often met so their children could play together. A 911 call led to a lifelong friendship that both families cherish. Since then, they have always supported each other. Amanda also took care of the supply of breast milk.

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