The fawn sits next to the soulless body of the mother, hoping that she will wake up


Reporting missing animals is actually a part of everyday life for all of us. Wild Florida Rescue volunteers write many valuable stories in the US and this is considered their work.

This time, saving this deer broke everyone’s heart, because the poor deer could not come to terms with the reality where he lost his mother. His mother’s body lay next to the poor child…

Hearing the calls of the residents, the rescuers went to help the deer, clinging to the lifeless body of its mother. Upon learning of this, they immediately rushed to his aid.

As it turned out later, the deer family was walking when the mother deer was thrown under a car. The driver didn’t even stop to see what had happened to him, but simply continued to work relentlessly.

This little deer stood on its feet, faithfully waiting for its mother to wake up. This made the staff very upset.

This little deer was born a few days before his mother’s death. They couldn’t cut him off from his mother, he couldn’t leave her alone and go away.

At that moment, when the deer was rescued, he was completely dehydrated, he had no strength, he could not even get up.

It turned out that he stood with his mother on the road for more than a day. But fortunately, the rescuers arrived earlier, otherwise he would have suffered the fate of his mother.

Now he is already in intensive care, where he is fed by another deer, which helps him develop and grow.

When he recovers, he will have enough energy and strength to protect himself, he will resume a normal life, like other deer in nature.

We are all very happy that the baby deer is now in good condition and has already recovered. Rescuers absolutely gave him a second chance at life. Thanks to these heroes!

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