A hillarious footage of a crazy cockatoo. Angry Cockatoo destroys entire row of anti-nesting spikes


Here in Ozzyland, we bloody love a rogue. Yeah, fair dinkum, ever since the days of Ned Kelly, cheeky scallywags have been high on our list of Ozzy legends, and if this video’s anything to go by, a cranky cockatoo from Katoomba might be on his way to becoming a bit of an icon himself.

If you’ve ever spent any time around cockatoos, you’ll be fairly wise to their antics.

They’re bloody lovely looking birds, but to be completely honest, they’re also total pricks. They really are.

They’re noisy and they love to destroy stuff. Kinda like teenagers.In fact, considering you can teach ‘em to swear like troopers, they’re like teenagers in a few ways.

This particular cocky is apparently a bit of a known quantity in the town of Katoomba in the Blue Mountains.

He’s often hassling people for food, but on the day this video was filmed, he’d decided that the anti-nesting spikes installed to stop him and his mates from, well, nesting, could take a long walk off a short plank.

And that’s why the video opens with him doing some home renovations. He’s like, “Yeah, nah, this just isn’t going to do. These spikes can get nicked! These ones can piss off! These ones can friggen jump!” Thankfully no one copped a load of falling spikes to the head, because as the video shows us, he worked his way right along the ledge, clearing room for his mates.

Sean Dooley, editor of Australian Birdlife magazine, reckons cockatoos “take great enjoyment” out of “more strategic damage”. “They do seem to take great delight in it.

It’s pretty evident that cockatoos in particular are very intelligent birds and have, within their social structure, have to us what looks like playing.”

Final thought: As you can see, this bloody cocky is clearly something of an antihero, and we have no doubt that his cocky mates love him. Of course, they probably think of him as a bit of a loose cannon, but we all need a few mates like that, don’t we?

Here is the video:

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