The crippled boy helps a woman carry the stroller to the bus and the next day her husband appears on the porch of his house.


Robert was a boy who dreamed of becoming a professional and famous basketball player, but alas he thought about it while sitting on a bench while his classmates played. He wanted to be the one to represent his school in tournaments but no one could take him seriously.

Everyone considered him a spectator because no one imagined seeing him play or running with his prosthetic leg because of a deformed leg he had at birth.

Little Robert was looking at tears in his eyes. When the match ended, he congratulated the winners and walked slowly to the bus stop using his crutches.

To avoid any unpleasant comments, he waited five minutes for the other passengers to sit down before boarding the bus.

He had only one mother who had divorced Harry, his father. Harry was not only a father but truly a role model for the boy.

The father began to forget about his family when he was promoted in his job and was forced to move abroad where he had contact with another woman.

Remorseful for his extramarital affair, he informed his wife who was heartbroken and followed by a breakup with his wife.

Nevertheless, Robert still tries to remember the good conduct and the good words his father had spoken to him. He told her never to give up but to work hard, not to let her dreams be ruined because of others, even though he hadn’t seen her in five years.

The ex-husband married his new companion and they two children forgetting behind him his beloved son and the wife of his youth.

Returning to reality, he saw a woman who wanted to get on the bus with her child in the stroller and no one volunteered to help her. So Robert helped him and within minutes the stroller was inside the transport.

She thanked him and realized that he had a disability, while the boy even offered to sit in his own seat. The woman seeing a basketball chain around his neck asks him if he liked the sport.

The boy’s eyes lit up, and he told how he played with his father until he left him. Sandra, the young woman said that her husband was also a basketball player. She got off the bus and the next day while the boy was watching a basketball game on his computer, someone knocked on the door.

He was a tall man with an athletic build with a basketball under his arm, who had rang the doorbell.

It turned out that the man was Sandra’s husband and his name was Jacob. A former basketball player, he had come to help the boy.

Together he was trained for 6 months with all the tricks that allow him to get out of every obstacle he could have encountered during a match.

After six months, he represented his team at the tournament and those who did not want him, now sought to be friends with him.

His father learns of his son’s success and comes to see him during a game, feeling guilty and wishing to meet him to apologize.

Since that time, they have seen each other on a regular basis. Robert never forgot to whom he owed his victory and success – Sandra and Jacob. It can be said that life for the boy seemed to be turning towards a future of success.

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