Navy officers saw an elephant in the water 16 kilometers offshore.


The Sri Lankan Navy was conducting a routine patrol in the summer when it spotted an elephant trying to stay afloat at sea. The huge animal had somehow drifted away from the shore for tens of kilometers.

Authorities said the animal had lost its orientation due to a strong current while trying to cross a small body of water in a nearby nature reserve.

«They usually cross small rivers or even swim through them,» the officer explained. The currents turned out to be too strong for this elephant, which was swept away. Given the elephant’s inability to save itself in such conditions, the brave naval officers took matters into their own hands.

The elephant desperately tried to stay afloat and continued to breathe through the trunk. The officers put on diving gear and dived into the water.

When they reached the unfortunate giant, they tried to grab him by tying him with ropes. Even as he writhed in the water, he seemed to realize that he had been saved.

As a result, it remained mounted and allowed experts to carry out rescue work. A Navy officer climbed onto the elephant’s back to help calm it down. Using ropes, they gradually took him back to shore.

Wildlife experts waited for them to reach the shore and examined the wound. They had to make sure the animal was safe and sound before they could return it to the wild.

Therefore, the difficult rescue operation ended successfully.

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