The dog wildly rushed to the little girl and wouldn’t let her in the car


Rodney Bacon was walking outside with his daughter when suddenly the girl screamed. The father started to get angry with the girl and noticed the dog and the snake.

Their house stands in the endless steppe. This man was so inattentive that he didn’t notice his dogs running away. Then he noticed snakes near the car and tried to protect his daughter.

He injured a snake and another was attacked by his dog. The dog went missing that day and wasn’t found until the next day when the dog returned with a monstrous snout swollen with the snake’s venom.

The man said he wanted to run away and die without causing anyone any trouble. But by morning the effect of the poison wore off and the dog returned to its owner. And the man took him to the vet.

Although the animal looked terrible, it was quickly treated and recovered.

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