Animals are an example of nobility and gratitude, because they do not know evil, envy or discrimination. They know how to establish strong friendships, even if they are very different from each other.

This Samoyed dog was a mother and gave birth to six cubs. We already know how much work is required and how tedious it is to take care of only one child.

But this beautiful and sympathetic dog made friends with a goose with such a developed maternal instinct that she is able to take care of six puppies on her own.

While the dog pauses, the goose walks up to the puppies and sits down next to them to warm them up and take them to safety.

They sleep soundly, but the goose is attentive and does not lose sight of them. It’s amazing how she knows these babies need care.

When mom leaves them for a walk and stretch their legs, she constantly checks if everything is in order.

She even brings her beak to them, as if they are all there and not one of them is missing.

The video of the goose caring for the cubs went viral and has been viewed over 3 million times.

Many users have commented on these images and were surprised by the goose’s behavior.

Geese are intelligent animals that adapt to any environment.

She may have been intrigued by so many puppies at first, but her surprise did not last long as she quickly “accepted” them as her own and stood next to them, ready to act as a nanny.

For her part, the mother of the cubs serenely leaves her children in the company of her goose friend.

The maternal instinct is unbreakable.

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