The homeless man was warming an abandoned chihuahua wrapped in a cloth. He was crying


On the drive home, a woman named Angel spotted this homeless man asking her for money or a job. Then he noticed something else in the man’s arms.

He stopped to find out what had happened and it turned out that this man was one of the most generous people he had ever known.

The man’s name was Ron. The woman noticed that there was a Chihuahua wrapped in a blanket in her arms. He did his best not to chill the baby.

Angel was amazed at the man’s teaching and caring. They talked for a while and then Ron asked if Angel would be able to find a home for the baby.

He told Angel he saw a woman throw the animal into the car and, fearing the dog would be hit by the car, ran quickly and brought it to her.

Even though the dog was safe with Ron at the time, it’s clear he won’t be able to take care of him for long. Angel couldn’t bring him home but he wanted to help the baby in any way he could.

He wrote about this story on Facebook and a woman named Kathleen Dallman wondered how she could find Ron and the dog.

The woman said that when she went to get the dog, Ron cried that he couldn’t help the dog because he knew what it was like to be hungry and he didn’t want the dog is in the same condition.

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