Cute video. Nearly 1,000 stray dogs have a chance to roam free and enjoy the paradise in the wonderful woodlands and fields called «Land of strays»


Many roaming dogs have a great chance to live in the animal sanctuary. The sanctuary is called «Land of strays». This place is a great paradise for the stray dogs.

There are nearly 1,000 dogs here. It seems an incredible thing but all the dogs are looked and taken care of with love as all of them deserves to be happy.

The animal sanctuary is in Costa Rica. The dogs roam in the wonderful fields. The shelter staff members care for everything that they need.

A couple is the founder of the sanctuary. Their names are Lya and Alvaro. They began to look after a little number of dogs and then they enlargened the number of dogs.

They wanted to include more and more stray dogs as all of them are in need of help. These dogs feel at home and are in the centre of attention and care.

Here is the video:

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