This Cat Can’t Sleep After Adoption Without Holding Owner’s Hand


The name of this thirteen year old cat is Jamie. He was taken to a shelter because his owner had to go to a nursing home and could not take care of the animal.

He was transferred to the RSPCA in Australia, where the cat was found to have several illnesses, but luckily received the necessary treatment here.

However, the staff were confused that no one wanted to adopt this old cat. But eventually a woman named Sarah Dempsey showed up who wanted to adopt a cat.

The woman says when she first saw the cat, it was obvious the animal wanted to hug her.

But what is interesting is that the cat does not sleep even if its owner does not hold its hand. The cat stays with the woman all day and likes to stay with her at night.

This woman even said that if she let go of the cat’s paw, she would immediately wake up, bark and shake her hand again. They were very close.

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