Blind and Deaf Shelter Dog Thought No One Would Like Him


Despite being «blind» and «deaf», Pete is such a friendly and carefree person. He neither sees you nor hears you, but he feels you, whatever he wants, he loves you.

Despite its obvious differences, it looks like any other dog. He likes to walk, crawl on the couch, play with other dogs.

Randy Snarr and husband Patti were first seen on the internet after her adoptive mother posted photos and videos of her.

As soon as they saw him, they fell in love and learned that he had to meet her and welcome her into their family.

When they first brought Pete home, he was perfect. Pete and Snarr’s dog, the Tucker, immediately became best friends.

“She brought so much love, nurturing, excitement, and everyone who meets her immediately has a smile on their face,” Snar told Best Friends Animal Society.

He was supposed to be part of this family. »

Now he loves these people and everyone loves him despite all his flaws.

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