A 1-Kilo Chihuahua Puppy, Lifted And Dropped Into The Air By A Hawk, Survives And Lands At The Feet Of His Rescuer


The falcon is a bird of prey that, noticing the bait, immediately jumps on it. And regardless of this fact, these animals are also protected from other animals.

One day a woman was walking and something unusual happened.

Suddenly, an animal fell under the woman’s feet and an examination revealed that it was a dog. One of the passers-by noticed the falcon, և people understood what had happened. They immediately took the poor dog to the vet.

Here the child was examined and the necessary help was provided.

At first, the dog was thought to be in very serious condition and had many injuries as he was expected after the hawk attack. Fortunately, he was almost unharmed.

He didn’t even have any broken bones and it was amazing that such a small creature wasn’t hurt, he only had a few scratches.

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