A dog tied to a post reaches out to the policewoman who came to rescue him


Recently, a police officer, Angela Laurella, received a call about two dogs tied to a post in the street. You had to watch the videos to understand when they appeared, but how they didn’t have so much time.

Angela approached one of them who was so tightly bound and completely weak that she couldn’t move.

He was so thin that he had skin and skin left on him. When he saw Angela, he gave her a paw to hug her. He approached very slowly and held out his hand. With this sting, it seemed that the dog was asking for help.

It was obvious that the dog had a cruel life and now needed special care.

They moved to a dog shelter, and although it was overcrowded, they accepted the dog. He was taken to a veterinarian, with whose help the dog quickly got up and was given a special diet to recover quickly.

Liam’s story proves that every dog ​​deserves a second chance.

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