The street dog who overcame incredible odds is still waiting for a home


This dog, whose name is Eri, lived outside for a year, was in a shelter for a year, and for the third year was already in foster care. When he was rescued, he was found to have a number of health issues. Fortunately, after receiving treatment, his condition improved.

For two years, he impressed rescuers with his loving character.

Now that he is at home and has a very good relationship with dogs and cats, as he has a good relationship with other dogs, it is desirable that he is not adopted alone so that others can help the dog to adapt quickly to the new family.

He was neglected and probably because of his illness, which was unfortunately quite common at that time. This disease can irritate future adoptive parents.

However, you should know that despite this problem, they are ordinary healthy dogs like the others.

Eri is now in the UK with her foster family, available for adoption.

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