Dog Dumped For Second Time Clings To His Old Bed And Refuses To Lift His Head


Weighing just 13 pounds, this little creature named Chuchi was in terrible shape when his family took him to Carson Animal Care Center in Gardena, California.

There was a poodle in the family and when the family was about to move to a new apartment, they didn’t want to take Chuchi with them.

Unfortunately, this was the second time Chuchi was kicked out and abandoned by his adoptive family.

After finding himself in the cold kennel, the dog was gripped by a sense of defeat and despair. He simply plopped down on the bed left behind by his family and continued to watch listlessly from a distance. He refused to make eye contact or interact with anyone.

The new rescuers treated Chuchi to help her overcome the trauma of abandonment. Soon he was able to overcome all of this and return to his carefree life.

He is now adopted by couple Karen and Rick and lives a comfortable life with his dog brother Precious.

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