Two guys went fishing but ended up catching abandoned kittens


It took Jason Frost and Brandon Key a year to go fishing on the Black Warrior River. They could not have imagined what they would see there, they could not have imagined that their journey would be replaced by a «catfishing», thanks to which they saved the lives of two kittens.

The cats were crawling in the river to find a safe place for themselves.

The fishermen couldn’t believe their eyes at first. Although very wet, quite terrified, the cubs are good swimmers, they seem grateful for the rescue.

It turned out that these wonderful cats were abandoned by their owners.

After landing, Frost and Key met a family who fell in love with the cubs and adopted them. Their names were later changed to River and Warrior.

“It was a kitten, and a second soon followed too”

“Some idiots probably put them here”

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