Dogs can now shop with their people in special carts. Thanks to the owner of Unes Italian grocery store.


Dog owners are devoted to their pets.

Many dog ​​owners buy bags to carry their adorable little puppies in so they can take them wherever they want to go, or they can surf the internet for great leashes for their pets.

Undoubtedly, they carry them everywhere if they were allowed to do so. Now it’s easier to take them shopping with you thanks to an Italian retailer. The decision not only made local dog owners happy, but also helped the store earn more money.

A dog shopping cart would mean more time for dog lovers to shop.
After observing dogs waiting for their owners to buy outside the Unes facade in Luino, Italy, owner Gianfranco Galantini came up with the idea.

He felt that if it was easier to bring their dogs indoors with them, dog owners would be more likely to spend more time shopping and therefore buy more.

That’s when he came up with the idea of ​​a shopping cart that would allow owners of small dogs to shop alongside their canine friends. They wouldn’t have to rush outside to see their dogs. The purpose-built carts were ready a few weeks later.

The design of a shopping cart is perfect for dogs so that their owners can bring their pets with them.
«Owners of small dogs can now avoid having to leave them outside, giving them peace of mind to take all the time they need to complete their purchases,» Galantini told La Repubblica. . “Although the project is new, we have already noticed how much our customers like it. »

The basket is composed of a partition. There is a separator installed in each of the unique «dog» carts. The dog sits on one side, while the guests arrange their items on the other.

On the side where the dog is sitting, there is also a flat divider to make it more comfortable for him to sit, stand or walk around.

These amazing dog-friendly shopping carts encourage dog owners to shop at the Unes store.

In Italy, owners can legally bring their dogs to the shops with them, but the new shopping carts make it much easier. Galantini has even found that its new carts have inspired dog owners to exercise their right to bring their pets inside.

It is already legal for dogs to enter stores if they are under the authority of their owners. Shopping carts, on the other hand, provide owners with an added sense of security when shopping with their pets.

The carts are cleaned after each use, and the dogs have so far enjoyed their trip throughout the store. A dog barked at first, but once its owner started moving the cart, it calmed down. Also, the new dog carts have not caused any problems with other customers so far.

When these unique carts were posted to Instagram by thisdogslifesite, one commenter wrote, “This grocery store has custom carts so dogs can shop too. It is an excellent idea !

Galantini’s idea is endorsed by many dog ​​lovers and customers.

Galantini customers loved the carts. Galantini’s carts even caught the attention of company management. They hope to expand the famous carts to more Unes outlets in Italy.

Who knows, maybe one day the carts will head to other parts of the world. After all, dogs in shopping carts are too adorable to pass up. There’s only one thing cuter than a dog in a shopping cart: a dog pushing a cart!

Watch a video about it below!

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