Once ugly and lonely, he is now the happiest dog in the world!


When Bo was still in the womb, his older brothers and sisters left no room for the baby and his body adapted as best he could. However, under the dog’s severely deformed skull, an ordinary canine brain is hidden – it has not been injured.

Unfortunately, it was only possible to prove it in adulthood, after being examined on a tomograph, and before that, from birth, the stigmatization of a monster and a bastard hung in Bo.

As Labrador, Bo was the laughing stock of the breed, you can’t sell that, which means there is no point in training. And they threw the puppy out of sight, in a remote village in Texas.

Bo was also hated, especially by the owner’s cats, and the dog was therefore locked in the garden. For the entire 5 years – he knew nothing about the world, he could neither play nor fight, he was locked up and depressed. And also very sick.

When the famous animal rights activist Jamie Halit discovered such a dog, Bo, she took it as a challenge. Once, as a little girl, her parents abandoned her and Halit wandered in the host families, and today she organizes the lives of all poor animals.

She bought Bo and took him to the veterinarian – for the next six months, the dog passed a leg in the grave. It turned out that he had “heartworms”, parasites whose presence makes any treatment meaningless. But Bo was so weak that parasites could only be eliminated at the risk of his life.

Fate favored this dog, and after his recovery, there was only a little left – to socialize the animal, which spent its entire life in solitude and isolation. Halit realized that such a quest was beyond his powers and made a knight’s gesture.

As an authoritative specialist, she began to welcome different dogs from the surrounding shelters for overexposure. For Bo to look at them and learn, that’s how it happened. After all, the brains and so on, we remember, he was in order.

Gradually, Bo got used to it and, imperceptibly, as a student, he himself became a teacher, a therapy dog, whose joyful disposition and sincere joie de vivre literally infect everyone. He understood, believed and realized that life is beautiful! And he is ready to teach everyone, to transmit this knowledge, and the fact that the face has not come out is not a problem at all.

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