Bus driver shocked after a friendly dog jumped on board


During a cruise on his bus route in Saramäki, Finland, driver Hicham Boujlal welcomed a rather unusual passenger on board. As the man was on his way to his last stop, he noticed a beautiful, big, fluffy dog walking along the side of the avenue in the dark.

To see if he was lost or injured, Hicham stopped and opened the bus door. What for the dog turned out to be an invitation to a free visit, which the man of course accepted with pleasure.

Hicham told The Dodo:

«He came in, gently, and sat next to me. He surprised me.»

A friendly dog gets on a bus

Regardless of the fact that the bus was empty at that time, the puppy chose a seat near the nice driver who stopped to help him. As the dog could not indicate a destination, without thinking, his driver decided it for him.

Hicham took the dog to the bus station and from there called a local animal shelter to get help with the adorable fur.

The driver ensured:

«He was a very good passenger.»

Shortly after the dog embarked on his bus adventure, it was discovered that he had run away from home a few hours earlier. And thanks to the man who stopped his vehicle to make sure he was safe, his worried family and the fleeing dog were reunited.

Fortunately, the story will only be remembered as a funny and surprising anecdote, and Hicham will surely never forget his well-behaved hairy passenger.

Finally the man said:

«He is a very intelligent and very kind dog. I am very happy to have had the opportunity to help him.»

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