Homeless woman sleeps in a garbage bag to be with her six dogs


This homeless woman known as ‘Chole’, preferred to sleep inside a garbage bag with her six dogs, rather than leave them

A homeless woman was found on the streets of Tijuana, Mexico, as she took refuge from the rain and cold inside a plastic bag.

The surprise was huge when people discovered that the large garbage bag was a makeshift shelter to protect six dogs that they care for as their greatest treasure.

Luz María Olmedo Beltrán, 65, is known as ‘Chole’. The woman has lived on the street for 8 years, but despite how difficult her life becomes, she cares more about the well-being of her dogs than her own. The woman strives to support them, feed them and give them love.

Photographer Omar Camarillo captured some emotional images of the woman and her six faithful furry companions.

The photographs quickly went viral on social media, and attracted the empathy of thousands of people; not only by seeing the difficult conditions in which the older woman lives, but also by the example of unconditional love and compassion that this story leaves.

Homeless woman sleeps in a garbage bag next to her dogs
Police help woman and her dogs
Upon arriving at the place where Chole was, the local police tried to convince her to go to a shelter, but the woman determinedly refused.

For about half an hour the uniformed insisted without achieving a positive response from them.

In an instant she burst into tears because animals are not allowed in the shelter, so she prefers to stay with them in the open.

Woman in a garbage bag
La mujer sin hogar temía por sus compañeros si quedaban solos en la calle, y entre llantos ella explicaba por qué no podía abandonar a sus 6 fieles amigos, una de las perritas estaba a punto de parir.

Homeless woman and her dogsChole told police:

«I don’t want to go, I don’t need help, I’m fine here.»

Finally, the police managed to convince the woman to approach a shelter to spend that cold night. Chole spent the night at his son’s house, but returned to the streets with his pets the next day.

A woman who saw the story on social media, was moved and approached with some help for the woman and her puppies.

Homeless woman sleeps with her 6 dogs
Alejandra Córdova Castro was really moved to learn about Chole’s case and came over with some water, food, blankets and socks. It is a simple gesture, but it has great value for the woman who tries to survive with her dogs.

Alejandra shared the information on Facebook, intending to motivate more people to contribute as much as possible.

Homeless woman and her pets

Alejandra wrote in her post:

«If someone wants to help with a blanket that they no longer use, food or whatever and can’t take them, send me a message, I have a car and if I have the opportunity I could take them. he said thank you so many times that it made me cry.»

The older woman is now in a shelter where she pays 50 pesos a day, she is not in very good condition, but she can have her animals by her side and for «Chole» that is everything.

Omar added:

«I was surprised by the conditions in which the woman lives. I was able to realize that ‘La Chole’ has a big heart because it helps animals despite having many shortcomings.»

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