Homeless dog runs to a woman at a gas station begging to be adopted


A homeless dog wandering around a gas station in Ukraine, runs to a woman who changes her life forever

Life for a puppy who is forced to live outdoors is extremely hard and dangerous.

Without a roof over their heads, these helpless creatures desperately try to find shelter to protect themselves, yet many times their lives can change thanks to kind-hearted people.

This dog lived in the vicinity of a gas station in Ukraine; he constantly begged for caresses and came to greet the people who visited the place.

She was always very kind and caring, but what she longed for most was that someone would one day be able to provide her with a forever home.

Luckily, her story has a happy ending, as thanks to a series of videos and images of the dog greeting everyone at the gas station she caught people’s attention.

Homeless dog runs to her rescuer In the videos, the dog is always smiling and wagging her tail, so some people were moved by her adorable attitude.

Among them, there are very kind people who dedicate their lives to helping helpless animals, such as the founder of Love Furry Friends.

After watching the videos, the woman got ready to go rescue the dog. She has always been known as an angel to homeless animals, so she is willing to do whatever she can to help them.

Homeless dog runs woman
Then, without weighing it twice, he jumped into his car and drove to the gas station so he could find and help the dog.

When she arrived, the workers informed her that the dog spends most of her time at the station and is homeless.

Therefore, the woman knew that the dog needed help urgently and, when she approached her, the animal ran and greeted her happily.

It seemed that the dog was understanding that she was there to help her and quickly showed how grateful she was. Once she was safe, she was taken to a veterinarian to have her health checked.

Veterinary dog
After several examinations, the veterinarians determined that she did not suffer from anything serious and, after a visit to the hairdresser, the image of the dog changed.

Nice new home
The dog, whom they named Linda, was ready and entered a house perhaps for the first time in her life, where she received the best food.

Linda is believed to be about two years old and, despite her sad past, quickly adjusted to her new and comfortable home.

Linda is very happy and will stay by her savior’s side until they can find her a loving forever home.

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