Abandoned puppy found in an old shoe now lives like a queen


A small abandoned puppy was found next to an old shoe to her fate in a garbage dump and now has a new life as queen.

As Goran Marinkovic, from Kraljevo, Serbia, took a walk in the middle of his morning rounds to help abandoned and hungry animals, he stumbled upon a harrowing scene.

The man saw an abandoned puppy next to an old shoe that apparently served as a coat.

Sadly, a few meters from the puppy, Goran found another dead puppy. The little survivor was surrounded by garbage and plastic bags with no mother in sight; both were cruelly abandoned to their fate.

The puppy used that shoe as a shelter and was really fatigued and very weak.

Goran told Metro UK:

«I accidentally turned around and saw this little dog. His sister or brother lay dead a few meters away. He was running out of strength. As I always carry dog food, I immediately offered him a meal, which he accepted.

Words cannot describe the size of the puppy and the hunger he was. It was smaller than the size of a shoe.»

Puppy used an old shoe as a shelter
The man went to a veterinary center with the dog, where after some check-ups they assured him that his state of health was good. The man called her Smesten and helped her recover.

In a short time the little girl let out her mischievous and playful personality that ended up making Goran fall even more in love.

Abandoned puppy in a garbage dump
After a few months, the adorable puppy finally captivated the heart of a woman who without a second thought adopted her.

«After a few months, a woman who desperately desired Smesten adopted her, and now she lives as a queen.»

Abandoned puppy found in an old shoe

Now the dog named Coco is nothing like the sick little girl Goran found next to a shoe in a garbage dump. She has become a happy and fluffy dog who is always excited to live new adventures with her family.

For his part, Goran continues to carry out his work of helping as many animals abandoned on the streets of Serbia as possible.

Generally, the man works on his own, but sometimes receives help from friends and ordinary people to support veterinary and food expenses.

«I feed animals abandoned on the street that don’t get food from humans and have no owners.»

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