This rescue dog does not stop giving the paw to his new dad


This adorable dog who was rescued when he was only six months old, does not stop offering his hand to his beloved father.

Sam Clarence decided a couple of years ago to adopt a sweet dog from the Bull Breed Rescue shelter, located in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Since that time, man has been able to see how this homeless dog went from being very nervous to becoming a rather sticky and affectionate dog.

If the dog named Stanley has made something clear, it is that he loves being with his father and refuses to let go of his hand.

Regardless of the activity they are doing, and although many times the time is not convenient, Stanley decides to offer his «hand» to his new dad.

This rescue dog offers its paw
This duckling rescue dog
Sam told The Dodo:

«We have to be touching each other at all times. He’s very blunt about it.»

This cute relationship began when Sam volunteered to walk the dogs at his town’s animal shelter. Back then, members of the shelter encountered two 6-month-old puppies who were living on an abandoned property next to their mother.

Stan with family
En el refugio pensaron que Sam sería el candidato perfecto para cuidar a uno de los perritos recién rescatados por unas semanas.

Sam no dudó en aceptar la oferta, pero tan pronto como vio la fotografía de Stanley supo que sería un proceso con otro final.

Al parecer, el hombre sintió una fuerte atracción por el perro, como si fuera amor a primera vista, por lo que decidió ofrecerle un hogar.

«Estaba aterrorizado cuando llegamos a casa, le tomó una hora salir lentamente del auto. Una vez que salió, le di un gran baño, algo de comida y una cómoda cama frente al fuego».

Stanley poco a poco se adaptaba a su nuevo hogar, pero mientras tanto parecía establecer un vínculo bastante fuerte con su nuevo padre.

Since he arrived, he wanted to sleep in bed next to his dad, but the most curious thing is that he always wanted to be touching him to calm down.

«He lay behind me and always had at least one leg touching my back; if I moved, he moved.»

More than two years have passed, and although Stanley is wiser, he has never lost the need to be accompanied by his favorite human.

Even when they undertake different road trips, the sweet dog insists on touching their hand.

Sam said:

«If I’m driving, we have to be in touch or he will force me to do it. If we’re watching TV, the same thing. I’m going to have legs flying towards me until I touch it. It’s just its peculiarity. If I’m not around, he’ll do it to my housemate too.»

Without a doubt, Stanley loves his father and seems to be very grateful to him, so he wants to prove it to him at all times.

Now they both enjoy living their new outdoor adventures when they travel to different parts of New Zealand and are extremely happy.

If by chance in the middle of the trip you cross a beach, a river or a nice lake, Stanley does not hesitate to jump out of the car and dive into the water.

«He lives to please, so go with the flow. He is very happy and laughs for a minute. I’ve never met a dog with such a big personality.»

Sam couldn’t find a better travel companion, even if it means working harder to be vigilant while driving on the road.

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