A farmer refused to sell the kittens of a rare breed he had rescued, because they do not live long in captivity.


Today we have a story of unusual kittens and a farmer. That is one way of looking at it. On the other hand, it’s about people’s values, how some people are willing to make others suffer in the name of prestige and fame, and other people who wouldn’t do it for money.

One day, a farmer, who was once again walking around his property, heard a meow in the bushes. He went to the sound and found several little kittens there. His search for their mother was unsuccessful; he did not meet her on that occasion or the next. Perhaps it was the car road that passed by his property.

Somehow, the kittens went to live with him, and he raised them with love and care as best he could. Time passed, the little ones grew up, and the man began to notice that his kittens were very strange, not quite like the cats he was used to.

He took them to a specialist who told him that the kittens were actually Pallas cats – a very rare and, unfortunately, endangered cat in the wild.

Pallas cats are rarely introduced into homes and if they are, they usually belong to very wealthy people. A cat requires special care, it is very expensive and is an indicator of the prestige and status of its owner.

The problem is that Pallas cats in captivity live much shorter and get sick more often; more generally, they gradually wither away in captivity.

Having learned all this, the farmer did a truly dignified act. Instead of selling the kittens for a large sum of money (and the man himself, although the owner of the land, was rather poor), he sent the little ones to a specialized orphanage for wild animals.

At the shelter, Pallas cats will grow up in conditions very close to their natural habitat. There, kittens will be cared for by veterinarians, and in the end, this will have no impact on the lifespan of the animals.

This is how the love for rescued kittens is stronger than the thirst for profit of a man who is in great need of money.

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