The loving dad presents 3 orphaned kittens to a grieving dog who has lost her babies and bursts into tears


Animals are only beings that exist through love; their hearts ignore distinctions.

Stacee Jones believed she had experienced it all after raising more than a hundred dogs and cats over the years.

But he didn’t understand that he still had an encounter as spectacular as the one described in this article until they arrived at Jelly’s Place in San Pablo, California, after two different rescues.

A mix of lactating terriers who had lost her babies and left behind a trash can was one of the rescues.

After acquiring this adorable puppy, another rescue was needed. This time it was three newborn kittens who needed to be bottle-fed because they had lost their mother.

Stacee considered the unlikely possibility of the dog taking care of the kitten’s litter.

«I took great care. I sat next to the dog and carefully introduced him to the kitten to observe how he would react. He may growl or not take it well, and that worried me,» Stacee added.

Stacee held her breath and kept an eye on the dog, who stunned everyone by expressing only affection for the little cat.

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