So that the dog does not feel old and alone, the owners take turns sleeping with him


This dog named Spike can be the envy of any representative of the canine tribe. Exactly 14 years ago, he found himself in the homes of kind people who adored him.

And when Spike was already old and age-related illnesses began to appear, the owners surrounded him with incredible care and love.

The fact is that after the second shot, the veterinarians forbade Spike from any physical activity, and the owners decided to create the most comfortable conditions for him.

The owners loved the Springer Spaniel so much that they allowed him to sleep with them.

And since the owners’ room is on the second floor, it has become difficult for the old dog to climb the stairs.

The owners decided to organize a sleeping place for the animal on the first floor, installing a sofa on it.

They blocked access to the second floor for the animal with a special fence. And so that Spike was not so alone, the owners decided to take turns sleeping with him.

In addition to this, they feed their pet directly in bed, so that he is less overworked and does not waste his strength.

This is how they take care of their elderly family member, those people in a good mood and caring.

More than 14 years ago, the family adopted the dog Spike from a shelter.

Before that, the dog had a very difficult life, which is probably why the new owners take care of him, creating maximum comfort.

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