A stray kitten follows a guy into a parking lot and begs to be adopted (video)


Screaming and screaming for help under the engine, Jason Belisha knew something had happened with the stray gray cat that appeared in front of him when he returned to his car.

A Georgian could not stand the kindness of the cat and its distressing situation, so the man picked up the cat and helped him find a new home.

When the cat first saw Jason, he did not think, he approached the human, sniffed his smell and rubbed his body against the man. The guy was absolutely dying out of love!

«I was returning a rental car and I heard this little boy meowing under the car next to me, so I leaned over and he came straight towards me.» — Jason said.

Jason first stroked the kitten a little and then he put it down. Thirsty for attention and affection, the cat did not stop cuddling, crying and following Jason.

He was determined and patient enough to prove that Jason was his human father. Finally, the man with a good heart picked up the cat and hit the road.

On the way back, Jason could only use one hand to drive, the other hand was occupied by the poor kitten who needed love. The cat cuddled Jason’s arm and fell asleep immediately.

«He was naturally super nice and gentle.» — The man said.

Jason brought the kitten home and called him Popeye. Popeye found a corgi dog, who was Jason’s dog buddy. Suddenly, the friendship between Popeye and the corgi dog blossomed after Jason introduced them to each other.

A week later, Jason’s friend found Popeye sweet and affectionate, they wanted to adopt him. Jason was heartbreaking at first, however, he decided to give Popeye to his friend and promised to visit the little cat often.

«It’s an amazing cat that I’ll visit my friend’s house often.» — Jason said.

Watch the video of the kitten when it was found:

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