A barking dog leads its owner to a stranded baby dolphin to save him


This is the moment when a sharp-minded dog saves the life of a poor marine mammal that desperately needs help.

The heroic dog – a springer spaniel, named Leia – spotted the baby porpoise stranded on the shore and began barking, dragging its owner towards him.

The man finally managed to save the helpless creature.

Rich Wilcock, an avid photographer, was walking with his 2-year-old dog along the shore near Criccieth, Wales, when all of a sudden Leia barked uncontrollably, just as she tried to get her father’s attention.

After his dog, Rich was surprised to stumble upon a stranded sea creature.

«I was photographing the beautiful scenery when Leia started making a whole story,» the man told the Daily Post. «She kept approaching me, barking and pushing me from the elbow, she must have felt the dolphin a mile away.

At first I thought it was a baby shark, it was only one and a half feet tall, but on closer inspection, I could see the vent above its head and realized it was a dolphin.

Although Rich eventually identified the marine mammal as a dolphin, a seawatch foundation marine official said it was more likely a baby porpoise.

Porpoises are marine mammals that are quite similar to dolphins, but they are actually closely related to belugas and narwhals.

Anyway, the most important thing is that Rich managed to save the life of the little one, guiding him to the deep waters.

Then he and Leia stayed on this beach for at least another hour, just to make sure the baby porpoise was safe.

«There was no one for miles, so I did what I could as gently as I could,» Rick said. «I gently lifted him under the belly and brought him back among the waves and he swam in deeper waters.»

The man also mentioned that his dog was given extra treats when she returned home, as she should be (fully) credited for the rescue.

«He’s a very intelligent dog, smarter than most,» Rich also said.

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