The boy secretly feeds the dog outside the school every day and one day he sees him sitting outside the door of their house.


The boy was very friendly with the dog, he was the son of a policeman and fed him every day. Once, the dog warned him of some kind of insecurity.

The boy’s name was Brian, he was 12 years old but looked smaller for his age. And his father was not at all the same, on the contrary, he was very tall, strong and differed from everyone else in his physique.

He didn’t understand why his boy was so shy and completely different from him. All the time, he tried to increase his son’s self-confidence, did everything so that he began to love himself and not be shy.

Despite all this, the boy was very intelligent, he was even offered a scholarship to one of the prestigious schools in the city. He was even afraid to get on the bus to go to school and was unsure of himself.

Luckily, the school was closer to where his father worked, so he picked him up every day. His work didn’t end until 5 p.m., when the boy’s lessons were long over.

In the winter, he would wait for his father at the library and do his homework all this time, and when it was hot outside, he would sit and wait on the steps near the school.

One afternoon when the father went to school to take his son home, he saw that he was not there. Suddenly, he saw that his son was standing at the school gates and petting the dog.

The dog jumped on his hind legs and played with it. He was well cared for. Day after day, the father noticed that the food was disappearing from his fridge or cupboard and immediately guessed why.

He learned that his son fed the dog and other stray dogs on the street every day.

It was very difficult for the son to communicate with people, but the father saw how quickly he finds language with dogs. He thought they might be dangerous to him, but his son didn’t listen.

Once his parents explain to him that it is very dangerous to be friends with all stray dogs on the street, they can hurt him. He may be afraid of them, they may even bite him and it will hurt him.

But the boy didn’t want to listen to them, he said they are all good and he trusts them. He explained that they wouldn’t hurt him because they were very smart.

It was very difficult for the father to admit that what he really wanted was for their son to treat them the same way he treats dogs. He was just jealous of the kind of communication they had.

He just wanted him to be more open to them, he wanted him to tell them more about his life and his classes, for example. He was ashamed of it.
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