A French mastiff with terminal cancer has finally found a loving home to spend the rest of his life


Mei, a 5-year-old French mastiff, has had a very hard life but loves anyone he likes.

She entered the Southern Indiana Pet Rescue Service with significant malnutrition and weighed only 70 pounds more.

When she arrived, she was diagnosed with terminal cancer and had only a few weeks to live. Elizabeth Stark, the Rescue Foster Mom, immediately fell in love with May and brought her home.

His gentle face, gentle bite, as well as his beautiful personality, have earned him many followers. Mei has actually become a spokesperson for the rescue and goes to a fundraiser to greet all his supporters.

Although Mei loves meeting people, she loves food much more. She eats ten cans of wet dog food a day.

Stark reported that the stash lacked canned dog food and was surprised by the reviews. The shelter received more than 700 boxes of pet food, as well as various other donations to help care for herself.

The help they have all given Mei is amazing. Mae has lost weight in the last couple of days, but she still loves all the attention she can get. But most of all, she still loves her food!

When not eating, she likes to watch the cats and also supervises them every night. She loves domestic cats so much that she sits down and watches them play. Their tails go crazy when she sees them.

She never leaves her owner and follows her wherever she goes. Mei finally found her man, Stark made it official by hugging her before the trial.

«Today we made headlines in Carmichael’s courthouse. May was accepted so she could spend her last days with her family members! »

Mei has her good days and her bad days, but she continues to eat and follow her mother into the house. As long as she is truly gone, she will be surrounded by love.

«The goal of saving Mei is actually bigger than I ever imagined, and it’s because of all of you.»

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