The cat is brought in for euthanasia, but is instead rescued by a friendly veterinarian


One day, people who fed stray cats discovered an adorable red cat with an injured paw.

They could tell he was in agony and didn’t want him to suffer, and they sincerely believed that the nicest thing to do would be to take him to the vet for euthanasia.

Dr. Matt McGlasson, a veterinarian, had other ideas.

He said his staff knew he had a soft spot for cats. During the pandemic, they actually rescued and rehabilitated four kittens while their children went to school from home. They asked the buyer to hand over the cat.

After examining the cat, the doctor concluded that there was no need to euthanize him and instead decided to rehabilitate him and then find him the right home for good.

Dr. McGlasson decided to name the cute kitten Nemo with the support of his TikTok fans. Unfortunately, Nemo’s limb was irreparably damaged and had to be amputated.

But the operation went smoothly and everyone was eager to help him adjust to life as a three-legged cat. When Nemo recovered, it became clear that he was grateful to everyone who helped him.

The doctor described him as «the cutest cat you’ve ever met.»

He wasn’t sure if he could take Nemo himself as he already had cats at home, but instead, one of the veterinary technicians fell in love with him and became his forever home.

It’s already fantastic. He likes to be a domestic cat and moves well on three legs.

When Nemo first arrived at the veterinary clinic, everyone thought he deserved a happy life at home forever, and that’s what he was given.

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