Unfortunately, his owner broke his spirit with a belt, but veterinarians insist that his soul is invincible.


Dogs that have been abused due to deep trauma take a long time to trust people again.

A local shelter in Texas adopted a dog named Gia, but the shelter lacked volunteers. The poor dog hid in a corner and trembled every time someone approached her, touched her, lay down and urinated, unable to move in fear.

The poor man was severely abused, and the monster who had to take care of her tied her to a tree and beat her with a belt, the poor beast has a psychological and physical wound.

She needed much more help than the small local shelter could provide. At the shelter, they have taken care of the most difficult cases and with love, patience and kindness, they will work to help dogs like poor Gia.

The poor dog is now with the dog Dallas in their shelter and the progress is immediately noticeable when people approach her, she is now hiding under the bed.

When people leave and she thinks no one is watching, she comes out of hiding and starts playing like a little puppy with other dogs. She seems to believe that other dogs will never hurt her.

The frightened dog is about to move into a special foster home with an owner who already has a lot of experience with injured dogs.

The new owner will work with Jia every day to make the dog feel more comfortable with people. It will certainly take her time to understand that not everyone is bad and that she is already in good hands.

Update: Gia is on her way to her new foster home, she has been examined and everything is fine, her adoptive mother wrote that Gia is already with her.

She was so scared, although she wasn’t shaking, that she wasn’t ready to leave this place yet.

Her ears stood up to the sound of little Boston, Austin, so she hoped he could get her out. She only stayed with her for a few hours after undergoing surgery to remove her ovaries.

But they will spend a lot of time together and move at her pace and comfort level to communicate with her.

She is already safe, warm and surrounded by people who love her. They will all love her and take care of her for as long as she needs it.
They are convinced that Gia will go through all this and live a happy life, dogs are beautiful creatures with a strong spirit and we know that Gia will eventually win.

We all pray to hear soon that she has found her home and is now completely healed. If it was interesting, share it with your friends and family!

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