Pսppy is left on a beոch next to the most toսching letter


Residents of Coyoacán, a district of Mexico City, witnessed the most moving scene when they observed an abandoned puppy on the bench of the central park of this town, on Sunday, November 22.

The puppy was tied to a chain, and next to it was a note written, apparently by a minor, explaining the reasons why it had been left in the place and touchingly asking to be given a new home. home.

At the beginning of the letter he said:

Hello, please adopt me. Max. Please I ask you to adopt this puppy and take good care of it.

The person who abandoned the animal also explained that he made this decision because he was forced, since his relatives mistreated the puppy.

«Leaving my puppy here hurts me a lot, but I made the decision to leave him because my relatives mistreated him and it always hurt me to see him in those conditions.»

It seemed that this person could not protect him or watch over his well-being, so he asked for someone with a good heart to adopt him.

The note finally read:

«So if you read this and it tempts your heart please adopt him and take good care of him and if not please leave the note in his place for others to read and adopt him. Thank you».

Those who witnessed the sad scene did not hesitate to approach to see how they could help the abandoned dog, but it was very elusive.

Several people posted the case of the abandoned puppy on the Internet, hoping that a charity could help the animal. Fortunately, Mascotas Coyoacán, an animal protection association in the area, did not hesitate to go to the place and rescue the little one.

The organization shared the moment of the rescue on social networks, and explained that the puppy was scared and that they had to approach it with great caution.

The puppy was growling at the approaching volunteers and he had his tail between his legs as he watched them with great fear.

Little by little, a volunteer gained his trust, and although he seemed very nervous, she caressed him and managed to untie him from the bench. The dog was then taken to a foster home where volunteers said he was responding well to human interaction and was even allowing himself to be petted.

The people who were in charge of Max, now called Boston, assured that for the moment they will provide him with all the necessary care until he is welcomed by a family.

Apparently, the adoption from Boston will be soon, because thanks to the publication of the story going viral, many people applied.

The support has been so great that the organization invited all those who are really interested in adopting to take another available animal.

Despite many wanting to have Boston, only one family will have the chance to keep the adorable pooch.

The most important thing now is that Boston can forget his past life and start a new one surrounded by lots of love.

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