The incredibly cute friendship between an owl and a dog has taken the internet by storm


When we hear that there can be friendship between different animals, we first find it hard to believe. But all this is a reality.

This story is about an owl and a dog who became friends. It may sound like an understatement, but they were photographed and posted online.

These photos are so beautiful and delicate that they immediately reflect their true friendship.

Photographer Tanya was able to immortalize their touching images, which spread on the Internet, gaining more and more new fans.

Tanya says she has always loved animals. They are loyal, brave and friendly. People have a lot to learn from animals.

Although dogs and dogs are animals, they can be shy and mischievous, even annoying, like some people.

Sometimes even animal faces have human facial expressions.

Tanya says loyalty is very important in people, we should learn to be loyal to each other like dogs.

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